Hey ImageYou...and welcome to my abode on the web.  Here, you will find short-stories   to sweep you away to dreamy worlds, and ALSO poems  to enchant, inspire, uplift the spirits :)

   ♥Romantic Blooms Where Stories alight with delight ♥  An enchanting Realm  Beyond Time & Space  I await you  Here



Come with me to a dreamlike, magical place

Where fantasy encompasses time and space
Love, beauty and passion conspire to bloom
The rich heady scent of stimulating perfume

Sweet sensual embrace, delicate like a rare flower
Sensual Passion flowers open every daring hour
Soothing, tranquil moments of bubbling fountains
Ultra refreshing showers sparkling like champagne

Pampered, ravishing petals of a fragrant Rose
Mystical hints of spicy aromas tickling your nose
Glittering, silky-soft, liquid touch of pure opulent gold

Calming, dewy glazed blossoms to enchant the soul

Shimmering smiles, unveiling inner radiance
Sultry mingling with lily’s alluring fragrance
Whispers of Ethereal Lips promising to enhance
Blushful, peaceful, enticing Blooms of Romance

Luxurious shades, soothing, healing crystal gaze
Velvety hot kisses illuminating moonless days
Timeless Night Magic where no mortals dwell
Welcome... to my luminescence Goddess Story Realm


Music from Chakra's Dream